Renault Kiger Car Body Cover | Heavy Duty 100% WaterProof ✓ Dust Proof ✓ Custom Fit (Grey Color) Buy Now

Renault Kiger Car Body Cover | Heavy Duty 100% WaterProof ✓ Dust Proof ✓ Custom Fit (Grey Color) Buy Now

1,999.00 (Inc GST)

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1,999.00 (Inc GST)

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  • Renault Kiger Car Body Cover keeps Car Interior Cooler & Not Affected By Temperature Extremes.
  • Heavy Quality Full-Size Car Body Cover Make in India Product Designed To Protect Your Vehicle Against Harsh Outdoor Conditions.
  • Renault Kiger Car Body Cover Full Car Bumper and Equipped with Fully Elastic Bottom and a buckle to secure the cover for an optimized fit.
  • Heavy Quality with Soft Fabric keeps Dust Protect + Water Resistance + Custom Fit + Protect Paint from SUN Damage + Bird’s Ding + Scratches and etc.
  • Abrasion-Resistant Material – Durable Against Wear and Tear in the Long Run + High-Performance Fabric Naturally Resists Moisture, Fungus and Expels Stale Odor.
  • “AutoFirm” is the Only Authorized seller of “DIGIPUG” Branded Products. Buyers are advised not to buy from any other unauthorized fraud sellers who have tagged their offers on our Product Page & are supplying fake, substandard & poor quality products.
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Renault Kiger Car Body Cover WaterProof by AutoFirm

  • Buy Online Heavy Duty AutoFirm Renault Kiger Car body cover.
  • Strong, Effective, All-Weather Body Cover for Renault Kiger Car.
  • This custom-fit Four Wheeler Body Cover is very tough and long-lasting whilst being water and dust resistant.
  • The cover is designed to protect your vehicle against harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Our special Renault Kiger preserves the vehicle’s paint and safeguards it from dings, scratch, water, and dust.
  • The Body cover fits your vehicle with style and precision. Features: high-quality fabric, water-resistant, dust resistant, UV rays protection (UV rays cause paint fading).
  • Lightweight for ease of use and easily handled.
  • Matches Four Wheeler car body profile seamlessly.
  • Elegant Silver / Grey color cover with front and rear holding elastics and center belt for proper and perfect fitting.
  • AutoFirm makes premium and top-notch auto adornments including vehicle body spreads like Car Body Cover and Bike Body Cover with similarly great foundation guaranteeing top of the line generation of auto frill and items, AutoFirm has been keeping up worldwide gauges and getting acknowledgment and love from quality cognizant customers the nation over.


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